Hi, I'm Jaymara Mae.
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About Me

I am Jaymara Mae, hailing from Davao City, Philippines, and I specialize in SEO. With a profound grasp of SEO strategies and hands-on experience, I possess the capability to enhance your website’s performance and elevate its position within search engine rankings. Let me utilize my expertise to optimize your online presence and drive tangible results. With a successful track record, I specialize in driving online business growth through effective SEO strategies. From keyword research to content optimization and link-building, I enhance organic traffic and overall website performance.

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The tools I use to drive my digital achievements

                 Ubersuggest Seo ToolAhrefs tools for SEOYoast Plug In Tool     SEO Tool Analytic     Search Console for SEO      Tool for Keyword Research in SEO Screaming Frog tools for SEO     Semrush Tool in SEO


Featured Services of an SEO Specialist in Davao

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Work Experience

Business I Worked With

Malachisoft Client in CDO The Fort Cafe in CDO    The NewField STEM School of Davao
SEO Specialist
2023-until present

I’m an SEO specialist. I make websites appear higher on Google. I find out what words people use to search and then make the website better for those words. I also get other websites to link to it. This helps the website get more visitors and be seen more on the internet.

Search Engine Optimazation
Amazon Product Researcher

I’m an Amazon product researcher. I search for stuff people might want to buy on Amazon. I check what’s popular and figure out what could sell well. My job helps decide which things are a good fit to sell on Amazon.

Product Researcher
Government Internship Program

It’s allowed me to dive into the inner workings of different government agencies, contributing to real projects and truly understanding public service. This opportunity is not just about personal growth, but also about playing a role in the development of our nation.

ESL Teacher

I’m an ESL teacher, and I help people who are learning English but aren’t native speakers. I teach them how to talk, read, and write better in English. My job is to make learning English easier and more fun for them.

Private Teacher

I guide and support students in gaining knowledge and skills to help them succeed. Indeed, as a teacher I play a crucial role in educating and training students, providing them with information, skills, and values that contribute to their personal and academic growth.


Stay Connected

Staying connected and engaged with us is a breeze. I effortlessly stay updated and find various ways to connect, share, and communicate. My voice matters, no matter how far apart we are. I’m part of this community, and I cherish these connections